Chelmsford, Essex

UEL – 3rd Year

A statement to live and work by –

A project exploring your identity as a designer, thinking about what inspires you and what you would like to do in the future. I decided to explore typography using the medium of print. I wanted to focus on a trip I went on to Berlin in the first year specifically, the meal we had at a Knodel restaurant one of the nights. I wrote how I was feeling on the night and what the night was like. I then translated it to German, and created a Swiss Typographic inspired piece of design. I chose Swiss design for the inspiration as it has a clear but concise system, my favourite way of designing. I then paired this with my favourite print method – Risograph. (Edition of 50 prints)


A project a day for 21 days –

This project was designed to get us thinking quickly and designing under pressure. With the time pressure of the day, I found I was managing my time more effectively and enjoying myself. Some of the projects were far fetched and crazy, but that made it more fun to complete. Here are a selection of some of the best outcomes.

The biggest change since the 1990s. Storage.
Created using Adobe InDesign.
Map an area of significance.
Created using Adobe Illustrator.
Design a phone case for young designers.
Created using Adobe Illustrator.
Create a NewFlash headline for the
Graphic Design course email.
Created using Adobe InDesign.
Have fun with type.
Created using Adobe Illustrator.

Statement of Intent –

Design and layout your proposal for a final project, outlining main ideas and themes, why you want to explore this and why. As you can see below, I laid the document up in a way that when it is printed and arranged correctly, you can follow the map through the proposal.

My idea has now taken a different path. I am designing an interactive publication, highlighting some of the most beautiful places to walk or run in Essex. Including maps, sound, image and information. Still relating to the original proposal I made,
but further developed.