Chelmsford, Essex


This page showcases some of the highlights of my work. Projects I have completed as part of University or as personal/freelance .

A Statement to live and work by – 3rd Year Project –

A project exploring your identity as a designer, thinking about what inspires you and what you would like to do in the future. I decided to explore typography using the medium of print. I wanted to focus on the trip I went on to Berlin in the first year, and the meal I had at a Knodel restaurant one of the nights. I wrote how I was feeling on the night and what the night was like. I then translated it to German, and created a Swiss Typographic inspired piece of design. I chose Swiss design for the inspiration as it has a clear but concise system. I then paired this with my favourite print method – Risograph. – Edition of 50.

Aiki Shotokan Karate Club logo design –

In 2017, a new karate club that I am a member of – Aiki Shotokan Karate Club needed a logo. It had to be traditional, but with a modern twist, to show they were a friendly but traditional Shotokan Karate club. The final logo, ( See below ) features the bust of the Shotokan Tiger, an icon symbolic with the art, sitting in a red circle – The Japanese Rising Sun. These meaningful icons came together to create a modern, clean and simple logo. I like to create work with a deeper meaning, and this really sums that up. The logo is used on everything from posters, to the Gi tops the students wear.

What is Graphic Design? – 2nd Year Project

We were all set the brief of writing a brief for another person, the briefs were then swapped randomly. My brief was based around marketing. North Face were opening a new store in a place of your choice in London, you had to design something that would suite the area. I chose Canary Wharf.

Here are my outcomes, the QR code on the posters will take you to the North Face website. I loved this project because I got to play around with layout and type,
my favourite thing!

Living With Cuts – UEL Civic Engagement Live Brief –

Working as part of a design team with two other students to design and layout a 6000 word audit for the HIV Psychosocial Network UK. This publication then went on to be published in the thousands for world AIDs day 2018.

An ‘Austerity audit’ of services and living conditions for people living with HIV in the UK, a decade after the financial crisis.

This publication was also given to MPs in the house of commons, to help with progress and help for citizens with HIV and AIDS.