Chelmsford, Essex

Personal Work

This page contains work I have completed outside of education, including commissions, extracurricular designs and prints.

Risograph pattern print –

This piece was just an experiment to help develop my skills on the Risograph printer. It is a four colour A3 print – Yellow, Blue, Black and Fluorescent Pink – Edition of 30.

Living with cuts – Live Brief – UEL Civic Engagement –

Working as part of a design team with two other students to design and layout a 6000 word audit for the HIV Psychosocial Network UK. This publication then went on to be published in the thousands for world AIDs day 2018.

An ‘Austerity audit’ of services and living conditions for people living with HIV in the UK, a decade after the financial crisis.

This publication was also given to MPs in the house of commons, to help with progress and help for citizens with HIV and AIDS.

Risograph Experimentation –

The second of three patterned experiments. This time I tried to achieve a better finish than the first time I tried the experiment (See top of page for first experiment). This time I managed to get the whole pattern to line up perfectly, with the orange adding a real kick to the piece. This is a four colour A3 print – Yellow, Black, Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Orange – Edition of 30.

Further Risograph Experimentation –

The third of three patterned Risograph experiments. This time I looked at overlaying colours and how that affected the outcome and tones of the design. This is a three colour A5 print – Yellow, Blue and Fluorescent Pink – Edition of 30.

Aiki Shotokan Karate Club Logo –

In 2017, a new karate club that I am a member of – Aiki Shotokan Karate Club needed a logo. It had to be traditional, but with a modern twist, to promote their core values. The final logo, features the bust of the Shotokan Tiger, an icon symbolic with the art, sitting in a red circle – The Japanese Rising Sun. These meaningful icons came together to create a modern, clean and simple logo. I enjoy creating work with an idea that is more than what meets the eye, and this really sums that up. The logo is used on everything from posters, to the Gi tops the students wear.

Chelmsford Star Co-operative – Membership and Marketing –

Work Placement –

Over the summer of 2018 I completed a work placement at the Membership and Marketing department at Chelmsford Star Co-operative. The range of roles and tasks I completed during this week varied a lot. I was working individually and as part of the team to design marketing material for stores and the society, create copywrite for the POS and posters, designing updates and questionnaires. As well as designing and uploading social media content.

Meet up with Dan Summers Design –

During the summer of 2018 I made contact with a local designer called Dan Summers. I arranged to go and meet him to talk about careers in the industry and the routes to becoming a freelance Graphic Designer. I decided to design a personalised one colour Risograph for him as a thank you for having me in. It contains his stock car racing number, playing with his companies key colour – Green. The print went really well, and he was very pleased with it! Thanks again Dan! – Edition of 30.

Cutting Edge Essex Ltd Logo –

In late 2016 I was asked to create a logo for a small grass cutting business in the Chelmsford area. The owner wanted the text to be readable and smart, with a little graphic either side. Here is the final design I presented to them. This logo was then used on jumpers and T-shirts.